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Global Service Provides Security

  • Close to the customer nation-wide-serving the customer's needs
  • Ensured machine efficency - safe investment by Huber Service

We know that customer loyalty is not only built on superior product quality, but also on the motivation of a producer to offer life-long product assistance.

We are proud of having set up our HUBER Service Group which is at the disposal of our customers 24|7|365 days a year. This helps us to maintain your equipment to the high quality level and performance that you, our customer, expects.

We are not just content supplying products alone, but also feel responsible for the operation, functionality and performance of your machine. We respond to your problems, and also provide the high caliber of after sales service that you associate with excellent machines. We provide the service your investment deserves for optimal long-term trouble free operation of your machines - during their entire product life cycle.

Our certified factory trained service specialists, supported by our nation-wide representative network and our in-house team of professionals, work together to provide solutions, service, training, startup and spare parts to assure maximum life cycle performance. Please contact us for all your service needs.

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